Maria Govan, Filmmaker Play the Devil

When casting the lead in our film “Play the Devil” we found a very talented actor from the UK, Petrice Jones, who gave an excellent audition. He was however British, and our film about a working class Trinidadian boy.  We were very concerned that he would not be able to achieve a believable accent.  Paul who is a professional actor and from Trinidad, offered to help with our dialect coaching.   He did a fantastic job!  When Petrice arrived in Port of Spain he was immediately embraced as a local.  Never once has anyone having watched the film, commented on his accent. In fact most people are surprised to learn that he is not from Trinidad.  I cannot thank Paul enough, nor speak more highly his praises. He is professional and warm and lovely to communicate with.  Thank you Mr. Pryce for all that you have done!

Jarvis Matthews; New York based Actor

 “Authenticity is at the core of Paul Pryce’s coaching technique. Paul’s mantra of “Dig Deeper” allowed me to tap into new choices and actions that were true to the text and my nature. Choosing Paul as my acting coach in preparation for my graduate school auditions was THE BEST choice of all. His knowledge and experience as both a MFA graduate and professional actor in New York City makes all the difference to anyone who is seeking an honest, talented, and thought provoking coach. Paul crafts a unique coaching style were rigor, hard-work, fun, discovery, and truth are all essential to the actor and the material. My growth has been undeniable under the tutelage of Paul Pryce.”

Hyojin Park; The New School M.F.A . Acting Candidate 2019

As a Korean actress, one of my dreams was going to a top graduate school for acting in the U.S. I felt that it was very difficult because English is not my first language, however Paul helped not only with my acting but with the clarity of my English…because of his passionate coaching I am convinced I got accepted to the M.F.A. program at The New School.

Jane Fujita-Guyer Assistant

Paul Pryce provided brilliant and generous support for NYU’s Grad Acting production  of Playboy of the West Indies.  He is an outstanding dialect and acting coach who understands the relationship between sounds, character and action.  Our students success was largely due to his work on the project.

Felice Choi; Actor The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke

Paul’s passionate and hands-on teaching method instilled in me the sense of confidence every actor needs.  He brought a deep knowledge of the fundamental techniques of acting to every lesson;  I learned something new every time.  Each lesson better equipped me with the tools needed to bring out my own sense of truth and authenticity as an actor.  Paul has a warm and enthusiastic style of teaching that is very encouraging.  I learned a lot from Paul in the months we worked together and I highly recommend him.

Vivienne Benesch; Artistic Director Chautauqua Theater Company and Conservatory & PlayMakers Repertory Company, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Having Paul in the rehearsal room as our dialect consultant on PLAYBOY OF THE WEST INDIES proved to be invaluable. His one-on-one tutorials with the actors on the intricacies of the Trinidadian accent helped to secure confidence in their work by guiding them to find their own unique voice. He was also a great member of the creative team at large, managing to synthesize dramaturgy, character and craft for each different actor as well as for me as a director.  Paul brings energy, light and intelligence into any rehearsal room or classroom.  Can’t wait to work with him again.”