Free 15 minute Phone Consultation

We’ll discuss your goals and what you need from coaching to attain them. You’ll tell me where you are in your process and I’ll share insights with you on my method. You will leave the consultation with actionable steps to bring you closer to your goals.

MFA and BFA Auditions

Early preparation and choosing material that reveals your authentic self quickly are the keys to success. From classical texts to contemporary, even a song, we’ll work to foster spontaneity and daring while avoiding overly rehearsed performances.

On-Camera TV, FILM & Commercial Auditions

We’ll go through a number of techniques to create multi-dimensional characters so that you stand out for all the right reasons in the audition.

Acting for Non-Native English Speakers

Designed specifically for international actors seeking to audition for and work in English speaking roles in the U.S. We’ll zone in on General American speech, accent reduction and other speech techniques combined with acting principles so that the international actor can work with confidence and transcend the barriers of language.

Business of Acting – Marketing & Social Networking

All craft and no plan is an assured path to unfulfilled dreams. Together we’ll discuss strategies to grow your industry network, find more auditions, develop your entrepreneurial acumen to create and produce your own work.

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