His one-on-one tutorials with the actors… helped to secure confidence in their work by guiding them to find their own unique voice… managing to synthesize dramaturgy, character and craft for each different actor as well as for me as a director.

~ Vivienne Benesch; Artistic Director Chautauqua Theater Company and Conservatory & PlayMakers Repertory Company, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


As a Private Coach and Acting Instructor Paul has a combined performance and teaching background of over 12 years. Paul’s pedagogical approach is rooted in the Hagen Method yet he references a myriad of techniques from Meisner and Stanislavsky to Grotowski, Fitzmaurice and Linklater among others.

Paul meets every actor wherever they are in their process, guiding them to find their own authentic self in the material in order to arrive at an organic and truthful ‘performance’ whether it be for an audition, a show or as a public speaker, all within a rigorous yet stimulating environment.

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Some areas of specialty:

Coaching for On-Camera & Theatre Auditions

We’ll work on step by step preparation of television or theatre audition sides. We’ll go through a number of techniques to create multi-dimensional characters so that you stand out for all the right reasons in the audition.


Graduate School

Early preparation, the right material and revealing your authentic self are the keys to your success. Whether it be contemporary or classical texts or even a song the goal is always to see you in the work. We’ll work to foster spontaneity and daring while avoiding the pitfalls of crafting overly rehearsed performances.


Acting Technique Study

Drawing on a wide range of techniques I’ll work on a holistic acting foundation through a combination of text analysis, character development, sense memory, physical acting, improvisation and voice & speech that is geared to build your confidence when approaching any script.


Acting for Non-Native English Speakers

Acting in a language other than your native tongue can be daunting, but this course of study is designed specifically for international actors seeking to thrive in the U.S. doing English speaking roles. The actor will learn how to harness his own cultural background to enter the text and to create very specific intentions that will allow for his work to transcend the barriers of language. Speech and accent work is a core component here.


Text Analysis for Shakespeare

Using a series of fined tuned techniques specifically for working on Shakespeare, Paul demystifies the Bard by working on practical techniques that make iambic pentameter feel necessary and essential today.


Business of Acting – Marketing & Social Networking especially for International Actors

All craft and no plan is an assured path to unfulfilled dreams. The fact is people want to work with who they know, like and trust. Together we’ll discuss strategies to grow your industry network, find more auditions, develop the mindset to build confidence in high pressure situation and most importantly to broaden your entrepreneurial acumen to create and produce your own work.

For international actors we will discuss the issues of immigration, Optional Practical Training (OPT), the Artist of Extraordinary Ability Visa (O1) and the EB-1 Visa (Artist Greencard), Actor’s Equity, SAG among other issues pertinent you.

As a Korean actress, one of my dreams was going to a top graduate school for acting in the U.S. I felt that it was very difficult because English is not my first language, however Paul helped not only with my acting but with the clarity of my English…because of his passionate coaching I am convinced I got accepted to the M.F.A. program at The New School.

~ Hyojin Park; The New School M.F.A . Acting Candidate 2019


Paul is a NYC based teacher and actor. He holds an MFA from the Yale School of Drama (Acting ’13) and is on the acting faculty at the New York Film Academy and H.B. Studio. He has guest lectured at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Music & Theatre department, Amherst College, The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez and the Academy of Performing Arts in Trinidad and Tobago. Graduate of the Hagen Intensive Teacher training program at H.B. Studio. Through his theatre company Scarlett Project he has also created educational programs targeting teen theatre artists from underserved communities in Trinidad and Tobago. Paul also works as an accent and speech consultant on film and theatre. He is Board Certified to teach in New York State.